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I've managed to avoid it for the last two winters, but this year it seems bad luck caught up with me - I woke up yesterday morning feeling off and by 7 a.m. this morning it seems to have developed into an actual cold. Though it seems to be rather mild.

For that, I'm thankful, as it hasn't totally ruined my sense of smell/taste, so I was able to cook dinner (my first time for this holiday - normally we spend the day with my parents) and enjoy the outcome.

And now, I'm thinking a glass of wine might be in order.

I'd planned to veg out with video games today, since we finally got everything (Steam & non Steam games) set up again after installing Win 7 on my desktop. [As an aside, Microsoft's Games for Windows Live can go gnaw on a porpoise.] But I'm not sure I have the energy or attention span--or, come to think of it, the equilibrium--so I may fall back on movies (though I've already watched so many - last night I had an AVP/Predator fest) and a re-read of a favorite book (Emma Bull's War for the Oaks) that M got me.

Scribbling may also be a possibility...but having a foggy head, I won't put much stock in that idea at this point.
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