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So, it's been about a year since I wrote anything here.

Don't worry. You haven't missed much.

My previous employer finally crashed. I received a small check last September. No word on work until December. By that time, I'd filed for unemployment and was then, officially, off the payroll. I completed a job for them (as a contractor) from about mid December to March. It's still not fully completed/paid up, so I don't have a check for that final bit of work yet. (I get in contact with the PM every couple of weeks.)

I worked another contract job for a former coworker from May to July. I'm really hoping he might be able to get me on full time come the new year, but I'm not counting my chickens. 

To top it off, the Knoxville job market fucking sucks for my industry. In the event that there is a job that speaks to me, I'm sure there are twenty other people applying for it. 

I spent this afternoon at a temp agency; I'm hoping for at least some part time work so I can get something coming in. I'm going to drop an e-mail to another agency contact I made back in the spring. And I have a few jobs saved to apply for this week. 

Luckily, Matt's job is good and steady and *knocks on wood* doesn't look like it's going anywhere. 

So, yeah. While I'm good at getting on with things (and Matt's encouraging me not to worry about money), I'm under a constant miasma of stress. I can bury it for the most part, but it's still there. 

So, that is what it is. 

In other news: 

I've gotten into the Supernatural fandom. (What took me so long?) If you're interested in fannish works, you can visit my Tumblr: Ilcuoreardendo-fic

I spent some time down in St. Augustine at the end of July. That was beautiful. I need to live on the coast....

And I'm gearing up for a potential NaNo 2013 participation. I used to have some of you LiveJournalers as writing buddies. I've since changed my name. You can find me here, if you're so inclined: Sangetencre

And that's about it. 

I guess I'll see you next year....
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