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Fright Night (2011) picture prompt short.

Dishonored short. (Still needs an ending.)

Half of "Show Me Where It Hurts," part of my Fallout 3 series Shaking the Bough. (Which will probably be eternally on going because there are always new stories to be found in the Capital Wasteland.)

Also, I want this for my apartment. 

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 As an addendum to my last post, let me also say that lately (okay, I'm lying, it's always) my brain is like a crack addled squirrel. 

My average week consists of the following, multiple times per day: 

Drafting on Deus Ex (a Supernatural fix it fic branching off of Season 5 because I love Gabriel and he should not be dead, thank you.)

Outlining an original fic, involving reaper like characters and souls and things, that I've had in mind since last summer, when I drafted about 10 pages on it and then crumpled it all up and threw it away because it sucked.

Downloading videos off YouTube and taking snips of those videos in order to make gifs.

Photoshopping all the things!

Outlining another original fic that's ocean-centric with an ending that's full of tentacles and brine. 

Re-playing Mass Effect 2 and bemoaning the fact that I don't have ME3 and I'm not sure I'm willing to give EA money for Origin in order to play it but ultimately I probably will because I lack closure!

Re-playing Dishonored for the 30th time in order to take screenshots for graphics and gif making. (Also, scribbling fic for this world. And I just now have a new idea for a series capturing events in Dunwall as the plague descends on the city.) 

Starting up Final Fantasy VIII on Steam, because gods and demons know I don't have enough games to play. (I've also just gotten Assassin's Creed: Liberation. Thank you, Steam sale.) 

T-shirt surgery and yoga (I'm becoming an addict) and watching too much television and considering just what food I'm going to experiment with next (then mentally whining about the fact that I'll need to go to the grocery store...again). 


Also, I'm seriously considering merging this journal with my fandom journal because I'm tired of having multiple journals to log into in order to crosspost. Especially considering that I spend most of my fandom time over on Tumblr and AO3. The fanfiction, of course, would all be public. I'm sure you, my friends, wouldn't mind. Those of you who are still around. You can just ignore it, after all.  I'm going to give that a bit more thought, but it's looking probable. 

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So, it's been about a year since I wrote anything here.

Don't worry. You haven't missed much.

My previous employer finally crashed. I received a small check last September. No word on work until December. By that time, I'd filed for unemployment and was then, officially, off the payroll. I completed a job for them (as a contractor) from about mid December to March. It's still not fully completed/paid up, so I don't have a check for that final bit of work yet. (I get in contact with the PM every couple of weeks.)

I worked another contract job for a former coworker from May to July. I'm really hoping he might be able to get me on full time come the new year, but I'm not counting my chickens. 

To top it off, the Knoxville job market fucking sucks for my industry. In the event that there is a job that speaks to me, I'm sure there are twenty other people applying for it. 

I spent this afternoon at a temp agency; I'm hoping for at least some part time work so I can get something coming in. I'm going to drop an e-mail to another agency contact I made back in the spring. And I have a few jobs saved to apply for this week. 

Luckily, Matt's job is good and steady and *knocks on wood* doesn't look like it's going anywhere. 

So, yeah. While I'm good at getting on with things (and Matt's encouraging me not to worry about money), I'm under a constant miasma of stress. I can bury it for the most part, but it's still there. 

So, that is what it is. 

In other news: 

I've gotten into the Supernatural fandom. (What took me so long?) If you're interested in fannish works, you can visit my Tumblr: Ilcuoreardendo-fic

I spent some time down in St. Augustine at the end of July. That was beautiful. I need to live on the coast....

And I'm gearing up for a potential NaNo 2013 participation. I used to have some of you LiveJournalers as writing buddies. I've since changed my name. You can find me here, if you're so inclined: Sangetencre

And that's about it. 

I guess I'll see you next year....
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I have so many homes on the Internet, it's hard to live in all of them. Anyone on Tumblr, in addition to DW/LJ?

You can find my Tumblr home over here.

I've been doing more scheduled blogging over at Chaotically Yours.

Lately, that includes:

Waxing fangirly about the remake of Fright Night.

Which I, surprisingly, enjoyed. I'd intended to see it when it came out in the theatre back in Aug/Sept and then I completely forgot about it. Of course, once I learned David Tennant was playing Peter Vincent, I sought out a copy, immediately.

I'm also now playing around with Peter Vincent/Charley Brewster fic, in part because I fell into a funk the other day and writing brain candy fanfic always seems to help me feel better. (I'll probably mention it here if I ever get around to sharing.)

Also, in other fandom news, I got a TARDIS key necklace:

So, no more worrying about being locked out of the phone box.
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Despite the fact that it's Tuesday.

Tomorrow, I "go back to work" after two weeks off. I put the phrase in quotes because, well, I don't actually go anywhere with the whole working-from-home thing. Hell, some days, I'm lucky I make it out of my pajamas. (Maybe I should have made a New Year's resolution regarding getting dressed everyday...)

Regardless, it still drops me into the typical Sunday-mood, lamenting the end of my time off.

I think it's exacerbated this time around since I've been sick since the 24th and spent most of this last week on the couch, drinking tea and Theraflu and trying to avoid coughing fits, so I haven't done anything I thought I might do while having time off.

Hell, I should be honest with myself. I probably wouldn't have gotten much done even if I hadn't felt like a used tissue (ragged and snotty) most of the time. The fact is, I usually am more creatively productive when I have other (mundane, daily) obligations poking at me. (It stems partly from some internal juvenile rebellion I never managed to shake.)

I do this to myself after every scheduled vacation. Lament the end of it, bemoan having to go back to work, console myself with my Furlough Fridays and the slow procession of us gaining new projects (a double edged sword; I'd take the shitloads of work over having no income, of course), which means I have additional time--to myself--to get to the things I didn't get to during my vacation.

So, with that in mind, I'm setting a goal, for this Friday, of making the last few tweaks to an old short story I just had my new writers group critique; I doubt it'll go out this weekend, but it needs to be readied.

Beyond that, I'm going to get back in the groove of scribbling in my impossible things journal, responding to writing prompts over in the blogspot community, and continuing on with drafting vignettes for Dispatches from New Vegas.
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I've managed to avoid it for the last two winters, but this year it seems bad luck caught up with me - I woke up yesterday morning feeling off and by 7 a.m. this morning it seems to have developed into an actual cold. Though it seems to be rather mild.

For that, I'm thankful, as it hasn't totally ruined my sense of smell/taste, so I was able to cook dinner (my first time for this holiday - normally we spend the day with my parents) and enjoy the outcome.

And now, I'm thinking a glass of wine might be in order.

I'd planned to veg out with video games today, since we finally got everything (Steam & non Steam games) set up again after installing Win 7 on my desktop. [As an aside, Microsoft's Games for Windows Live can go gnaw on a porpoise.] But I'm not sure I have the energy or attention span--or, come to think of it, the equilibrium--so I may fall back on movies (though I've already watched so many - last night I had an AVP/Predator fest) and a re-read of a favorite book (Emma Bull's War for the Oaks) that M got me.

Scribbling may also be a possibility...but having a foggy head, I won't put much stock in that idea at this point.
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I went to bed and to sleep around 10:00.

And what happens?

I pop wide awake at 12:30 and I'm still freaking up...

Attempted to type some NaNo stuff (admittedly, I'm half assing a short story collection with a theme of 'tween places; half assing might even be too generous a term) and found myself more annoyed than usual with the crap!first draft, spurred in part, probably by the frustration of not being able to get back to sleep. (It threw me into one of those "I can't write worth shit" spins, in fact.). So I just let it be.

It's 20 to 4....I'd really like to sleep.
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The other day, I finally got to watch (as in sit down and pay attention to rather than just have it playing in the background and occasionally look up and admire the pretty scenery) Alice in Wonderland.

I've technically seen it several times; this time, I finally got to enjoy the little details and pick up on dialogue I missed.

And I enjoy it. Very much. Yes, the ending is a little stilted and formulaic with the not-so-epic epic-battle, but the scenery? The characters? The Hatter's characterization (and the brogue)? I love.

And look who I get to carry around in my bag now...

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I've been pondering a type of people. You know... The type that you constantly have to get in contact with if you want to talk with them or see them, because phones/internet/etc. only go one way? (Which, eventually, leads to you doing all of the work in order to maintain the relationship.)

I was thinking of it somewhat in relation to this informal group of friends/acquaintances we've been hanging out with, on Sunday mornings, at the coffee shop, for the last three or four years. We've seen them occasionally outside the coffee shop--had dinner a time or two, gone to a couple people's houses for get-togethers--so it's enough of an acquaintanceship to be considered friendship-lite....I suppose.

And I expect that a few of them will probably be upset that we haven't been back by the coffee shop to say goodbye before we move (next Friday/Saturday). Due in large part, of course, to the business of moving and the fact that Sunday is our day to sleep in, right now, since Saturday tends to be for errands and other things.

Anyway, at the thought of them possibly being upset, my mind immediately shot to: Well, you know where to find me. You have me on Facebook. You have my phone number. And you know, generally, where I live. If a goodbye is important enough that you'll be upset if it doesn't happen in person? You can contact me and we can arrange, even, a fifteen minute slot of time between my packing and cleaning.

I try to give people the benefit of the doubt...because, in adulthood? Life is busy. And once you're done with the daily grind (work, errands, cleaning, cooking, etc.) and finding time for yourself, then you try to find time for others. And it doesn't always work. I know that.

Still it takes two people to maintain some kind of relationship. Occasionally the balance is going to shift, making one person do a little more work...and that's o.k. That's fine; that's how relationships flow; it's not always a perfect 50-50. But when that balance is always shifted to one person? It gets a little old.

I suppose that's why I don't really attempt to make long lasting, one-on-one friendships...most of the time. (Which was always kind of hard to do, anyway, being a military brat and moving around so often. I cherish the friendships I've been able to keep, even if they're down to virtual interactions now due to distance.) Invariably, I seem to end up in the role of doing most of the heavy lifting. And I just don't have the will to do that anymore. I'll try--give it a good faith effort--but I don't keep trying; not like I used to. I can't do that to myself.

I suppose, I do and will take the acquaintanceship, as it comes...

But if people want to truly be in my life as friends rather than mere acquaintances?

They'll need to share the effort.
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Led to a power outage of about an hour, which ultimately led to my staying up until 4 a.m. (the power was back on, but after the rush and flow of rain and winds, I couldn't get myself to sleep), which led to my sleeping through all four (count 'em four) alarms this morning.

I woke up by 10:30, fed the cats, flipped on the coffee pot, and went straight to booting up the computer (saved from last night's outage by the UPS, though I had to do a hard shutdown because Windows was pulling it's "ooh shiny" routine), and thankfully didn't have any e-mails from work waiting on me. So, I was able to jump into what I already knew I needed to get done today.

Now it's nearly 4 o'clock, I've done what I can day-job wise, I'm still in my pajamas, I've only had one cup of coffee, I've scribbled a rough draft of something that I may send over to Six Sentences, and I've tinkered around in photoshop...

I think I need another shower to make myself feel like a real person, though. And then some food...because I've forgotten to eat. *sigh* And then, some kind of plan/schedule because otherwise I may end up whittling away the evening hours playing BioShock.

Oh, and: LJ Friends take note, if any of you who don't have one would like a Dreamwidth account, I have more Invite Codes. Just let me know.
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I recently bought Lily Holbrook's Wicked Ways.

And it has been living in my car for the last week. It's absolutely gorgeous. Melodic and haunting. And there's a nostalgic quality to it that I can't really explain.

One of the songs I'm particularly taken with is "Sweet Little Girl," which you can listen to here.

There is evil in these woods
Where she brought you to the edge
Touched your heart and then it bled
Trickling down, down, down

There's a fever in your head
Rising when she calls your name
On your lips, her kiss of death
Takes you down, down, down...

This album is going in my "Soundtracks for Writing" pile.
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Today, I: finished my holiday shopping (which is good, because we're having Xmas at my parents tomorrow), re-supplied the cats with necessities, picked up some minor groceries, made potato soup, and gave a thorough proof and edit--followed by formatting and skill highlighting suggestions--of my aunt's resume. (And it still feels really odd to me to have an older family member coming to me for job seeking advice. It makes me realize my age. Well, not just my age, there are accomplishments in there as well. But, you know. I'm 27. I still feel about 16 on most days... On bad days, I'm about 12.)

And now I'm sitting here, sipping Twining's Yuletide Toddy, catching the replay of the local news, and contemplating the mind whirls of my characters and characters that are not and will never be mine (alas).

Despite all this pondering, I haven't written much of anything lately. A few sentences here. A creepy, obsessive, stalkerish Sylar/Mohinder fanfic there. (God, that was two weeks ago already...)

With work still molasses-slow and my not hearing anything about the proposal for which we were supposed to have a decision this week, I'm thinking we've pretty much sailed into dire straits now...

I may still have a job by the time New Year rolls around. But I don't know for how much longer after that.

And with the miasma this kind of information creates, it's really hard to concentrate much on words. Any words. Though I have slightly better luck when the words are in something for which I can receive pretty quick gratification (hence the creepy fanfic).

I've been sitting here staring at the screen for the last few minutes, writing nothing. That means I've lost whatever train of thought I had and it's time to shut up and move on to indulging my brain with something pretty.


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