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The yearly "Year In Review" meme. Behind the cut.

1. What did you do in 2011 that you'd never done before?

Got married.

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10. Pick 10 random icons from your userpics and tell me about them.

Emilie Autumn. One of my favorite musicians/poets/artists. She satisfies the dark-Victorian part of my soul.

From Little Women, Jo working on her novel. I mostly have it for the hardware; I love the nib pen she's using and I have a similar one that my step-mother-in-law got me for Xmas.

I love Spock. Zachary Quinto is also awesome. And I tend to raise my eyebrow when someone makes a really stupid argument/misses the point/gives me a hard time.

The Dark Knight turned me into a Joker fangirl, I admit. I always liked the character...but the creation of one who fits in with Nolan's gritty, more realistic and Film Noir-ish take on Batman just threw me head over heels.

Plotphobia is a common experience for me. And sadly, not just with longer works. My Muse also tends to go between being phobic about a plot to giving me something more intricate than the story was meant to handle....

Mohinder Suresh is my favorite geneticist... (And he would fit perfectly into Ravenclaw, though he definitely has his Slytherin moments.)

Scarecrow. Jonathan Crane. Another favorite character from the Batman ensemble. I thought Cillian Murphy was an excellent pick for Crane/Scarecrow. A somewhat different incarnation than comic Scarecrow, but just as chilling in many respects.

Pen. Paper. Coffee. If I'm writing, whether for work or for my own personal satisfaction, there must be coffee nearby. In a pinch, I'll settle for tea (Earl Grey), but coffee is my preference.

Something I tend to quote whenever I encounter the "feminazi" comment from some random (or not so random) jack ass. Yes, my problem with your calling a woman a "bitch" because she told you--in not so coy terms--that she didn't appreciate your catcall, or my umbrage with your thinking people with uteruses should be forced to undergo a specific medical condition that only happens to them.....is just like the invasion of a country and the killing of its citizens. I snort in your general direction.

Vulpes Inculta from Fallout: New Vegas. (I'm sure, by now, you can tell I really like villains...) He's a creepy bastard. Made moreso by his wonderful voice actor (Jason Spisak). I got a bit of a chill when I first encountered him in Nipton, surrounded by fires and crucified people... And I wanted to know more about him. Which probably explains why he seems to be edging into more of my fic Dispatches from New Vegas. (Though, I still don't know if I'll be creating much of his backstory...)
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1. Why did you sign up for Dreamwidth?

I signed up not long after Dreamwidth premiered due, in large part, to the Strikethrough kerfluffle over on Livejournal. I'd been keeping journals on other sites as back ups (in the event of deletion), but was never very good about using them due to issues with crossposting. I didn't/don't want to completely give up my Livejournals. My main one is 10 years old this year and I have people on my friend's list who've been there since near the beginning whom I still like to keep up with.

And my fandom one? Fandom is still so much more active on LJ that it's more lucrative to play in that sandbox.

Anyway...Dreamwidth took care of the "fears" of deletion (being fandom friendly) and its cross-posting ability took care of my need to keep my LJ(s).

2. Why did you choose your journal name? What does it mean?

Rapture of the Moon.

I stole it from a flash fiction I wrote 4 or 5 years ago, about a new muse coming into my employ. His name is Keitsuki (loosely translated, that's where my journal name comes from). He's a lot sexual and not just a little vicious; he helps to provide insight and inspiration for some of my darker writing, fanfiction and original.

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From (LJ) 4am_Secret

(If you want your own questions, leave a comment and I'll do my best to come up with some. It may take me a bit.)

1. What is your favorite thing about your new place? Least favorite? :)

The 9 foot ceilings, the wide hallway, the open kitchen with marble counter tops, lots of cabinets, and black on black appliances. (I'll have more room to cook! Which could be dangerous....) :) Oh, and I get my own office.

Least favorite thing? The rent. It's about $300 more than what we're paying now, though the new apartment is much nicer (and the 4 cats are no problem). Still makes me kind of grumbly... Also, the French Doors to the balcony are falsely advertised. They look like French Doors, but only one door opens. And the narrow bathtubs. Not good for soaking. And it's irritating because the bathrooms are big enough to hold larger tubs.

2. If something unexpected happened and you couldn't or didn't want to write anymore, where do you think your passions would take you?

Wow. I can't imagine such a scenario, but...

I would probably look into doing more social/political activism and/or outreach stuff. (Planned Parenthood, ACLU, women's organziations, etc.)

(I've actually been thinking about putting my resume in with Emily's List since my job's been kind of iffy over the last year.)

3. What is your favorite book? (I can't believe I don't already know this!)

That's really hard for me to choose... I think I still have to go with Patricia McKillip's Something Rich and Strange. Her writing always flows like poetry and the book combines several of my favorite things: Froud faeries and the ocean.

4. What language would you really like to learn, if any?

Italian - I'd love to be able to read The Divine Comedy in its original language.

Japanese - I've had the base training, of course, with the four semesters in college, and I was fairly decent at the language. But I've lost so much of what I learned, it's pitiful. (The Kanji has completely disappeared from my brain...)

5. What is your average or usual trip to the grocery store like?

Well...an average trip, where I'm not stocking up, consists of my mostly sticking to the outside aisles and the organic foods sections, buying fresh veggies, fruit, the occasional cut of meat (we've cut way back and may be cutting back even further). I've started buying tofu more often, because it's so versatile. And...I tend to linger too much in the deli area, considering the brie and water crackers or baguettes (which I don't let myself buy too often).

Typically, Matt and I go to the store together. We have to split the list when we do, because he hates the way I move through the grocery store (and he also doesn't like tagging along).

I move, of course, like I have a purpose. I know what I need to get, I know where it is, so I get it and move on. And yes, pokey people who stand in the middle of aisles drive me to drink...


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