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 As an addendum to my last post, let me also say that lately (okay, I'm lying, it's always) my brain is like a crack addled squirrel. 

My average week consists of the following, multiple times per day: 

Drafting on Deus Ex (a Supernatural fix it fic branching off of Season 5 because I love Gabriel and he should not be dead, thank you.)

Outlining an original fic, involving reaper like characters and souls and things, that I've had in mind since last summer, when I drafted about 10 pages on it and then crumpled it all up and threw it away because it sucked.

Downloading videos off YouTube and taking snips of those videos in order to make gifs.

Photoshopping all the things!

Outlining another original fic that's ocean-centric with an ending that's full of tentacles and brine. 

Re-playing Mass Effect 2 and bemoaning the fact that I don't have ME3 and I'm not sure I'm willing to give EA money for Origin in order to play it but ultimately I probably will because I lack closure!

Re-playing Dishonored for the 30th time in order to take screenshots for graphics and gif making. (Also, scribbling fic for this world. And I just now have a new idea for a series capturing events in Dunwall as the plague descends on the city.) 

Starting up Final Fantasy VIII on Steam, because gods and demons know I don't have enough games to play. (I've also just gotten Assassin's Creed: Liberation. Thank you, Steam sale.) 

T-shirt surgery and yoga (I'm becoming an addict) and watching too much television and considering just what food I'm going to experiment with next (then mentally whining about the fact that I'll need to go to the grocery store...again). 


Also, I'm seriously considering merging this journal with my fandom journal because I'm tired of having multiple journals to log into in order to crosspost. Especially considering that I spend most of my fandom time over on Tumblr and AO3. The fanfiction, of course, would all be public. I'm sure you, my friends, wouldn't mind. Those of you who are still around. You can just ignore it, after all.  I'm going to give that a bit more thought, but it's looking probable. 


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